How to renew your car license

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Posted on 19-Jul-2018

So, you casually glanced at your license disk this morning before you drove to work and noticed that the disc has expired. Suddenly the brown coats are everywhere, roadblocks on every route to work. The idea of a R500 fine flashes through your mind. But do not panic. There is a 21-day grace period for you to renew your vehicle license. And with our trusty How-To guide, renewing your license will be a walk in the park.

Usually you will receive a renewal notice in the post, already filled in and ready to submit.  But if you don’t, don’t fear.  You can print out the relevant form from here:[1].pdf

Fill this in as legibly as you can and also get together the following:

Now that you have everything ready, where do you go?

You can renew your license a number of ways.  You can go to the vehicle licensing department in your town, stand in line, submit your documentation, pay and get your disc.  Or you can trundle off to your nearest post office and get it done so much quicker.  However, some of the Provinces have yet to implement this.  You can check on the SA Post office site which branches offer this service.

Bonus tip:  Google your nearest post office that offers renewals.  In your search results, Google will have a graph with information on when that particular Post Office will be busy

Pick a time and day when it’s a bit slower and you will be in and out in a jiffy. 

There are also websites where you can renew your license online.  These basically work on the principle that anyone can renew a license if they have the correct documentation. (Yes, someone else can renew your license for you).  They then post the new license disk to you but also charge a handling fee.  This is great for someone willing to pay the extra fees and really have no time to stand in a line.

And then for our lucky FNB readers.  They have launched an app where you can renew your license from the comfort of your own home and they will post the disc to you.  Handling (postage) fees will apply.

If you have outstanding fines on your drivers license you can still renew your vehicle license, but if you have any vehicles registered to you with outstanding license fees, you will have to pay these as well before you can renew just one vehicle license.

We hope this article has been useful, please let us know in the comment section, we love to hear from you!

Happy trails and drive safe! AYOBA!

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