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A La Turka

Irene Village Mall

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I thought I would give a little bit insight into the "Wonderful" experience we had at A'La Turka... We made a reservation about a week and a half ago, and was even contacted by them to confirm the booking earlier today... So, today we arrived at the place (19:00), and then we needed to wait 15 min for our table to be prepared (pathetic don't you think, but that is the least of the crap that was to follow). After giving the Drinks order - TWICE, we placed the order for the starters... We luckily needed to only place this once (after I needed a new menu, as my menu had 4 pages missing - the starters and Mains to be precise)... The luck would not continue however, as we had to place the order for mains twice as well - following the same suit as the drinks... To our horror, we just received the starters when it started raining (or rather some of us received our starters)... Now - I have a certain amount of common sense and would know to put some form of protection against the elements - but it seems these Turks lack this gift of what is called "Common Sense"... We tried frantically to set up the umbrellas (which is meant to serve as shade during the day), while the ever so "Helpful" staff did nothing to assist - following their incompetence which was leading the evening from the start... The umbrellas also did not work, as the one lacked the pin to hold up the damn thing,  and the other umbrella did not even work! I deal with quite a lot of business people within the Pta and Jhb regions, and it is with the utmost honesty that I can say A'La Turka in Pta, is the WORST restaurant I have EVER had the unfortunate experience to visit... I would not reccomend this disgrace to anyone - in fact, I will do the opposite and intentionally put people off from visiting... If I look at the reviews, I would say the good reviews were bribed... I would not even give this excuse for an establishment a 0 out of 10, as even that miserable rating would be too high... Way to go on turning a 32nd Aniversary surprise we planned for our parents into a complete and utter experience if disgust and shock!!! And to think I came all the way from Jhb for this, and we were only 6 people?!!! I was also refused the opportunity to speak to the owner when I phoned them afterwards - I wonder if he knows of the utter incompetence ruling his restaurant... Pathetic!!! Good experience! now that's Ayoba

  • WHSnyman
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  • 01 Jan 0001
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