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I think Ayoba is what mzansi needs, and has been waiting for. Are websites in SA are concentrating on big cities and businesses with moola. Whereby a business have to pay a certain amount to be listed. You cant really find anything about di-kasi (loxions) on the net, and those businesses around, therefore Ayoba is giving us an opportunity to list them since it is where the vibe is happening.It is a very simple concept, if you had a GOOD or BAD experience @ the certain place, you visit www.ayoba.com and share your experience. Good businesses are determined by the voting system which i think it is very important for the consumers. Business are just not listed, the higher ayobs (votes) they have, then it means people really like the place and its worth visiting.Only problem at the moment with the website is performance /speed. Rumour says the team is working on that, we will C. Otherwise I believe its Mzansi's next big thing. What do you think ? Navigate the site ? And share your experience Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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This website is def. Ayoba.. I am sharing this experience from cell phone! I love it! Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • Suenetm
  • Points : 90
  • Reviews: 11
  • 01 Jan 0001
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checking on Standard Bank Benmore - phone no. incorrect and no opening times given as promised Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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