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Billy The Bums Fourways

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  • GMB
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    01 Jan 0001
    I agree: I've never had a bad time at Billy's, and I'm not really the "party animal" type at all, making it all the more impressive that I was won over so completely. Great atmosphere for the older (i.e. 25 and up) crowd, relaxed (unless you don't want it to be ;) and an excellent place to meet people both old and new.On the whole, good times. :)
    Bad experience! Not Ayoba

    Ross Jones
    Points : 408
    Reviews: 65


    01 Jan 0001
    Pack your drinking shoes for this one!Always a good time with a friendly (up until around 3 AM, but it's time to go home anyway!) fun loving crowd.Apparently billy the bums stands for "Bohemian Upmarket Socialites", some question the accuracy of such a claim, ha haAnyway, you can't go wrong here... unless you get taken away by those cops who camp outside, WTF?
    Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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