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Bloemfontein/Mangaung Stadium

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When coming to soccer, bloem pips neverdisappoints. Was there for Bafana vs France game. Bafana won the game,unfortunatelythey didn't make it to the second round. The atmosphere was great, soccer loving people singing and you could feel the love of football. Big up to bloem soccer supporters, they are the best in SA so far. Ayouba ! Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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Look, if you love soccer, and you wonna be in a soccer friendlyenvironment, then free state stadium is the place to be. Drove with a friend from Jozi for South Africa versus Spain game (Confederations cup). And everything was just Ayoba. Bloemfontein Celtic Supporters are known of being the best supporters in South Africa, and free state stadium is their home ground, So just imagine the fun. Wont mind doing it again for one of the world cup's game. Def AYOBA Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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