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Campus Square

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Dros is the place to be at. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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Man it was the best at Dopio Zero!! Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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i did a loan three days ago at AFRICAN bank campus square, they told me it would be paid in 48 hours i work near there i am constantly going there to check if its approved and they give me a story about thier manager not being there im still waiting as it is an emergency im pissed i dont know what else to do . Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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  • 05 Aug 2016

I was so disappointed with Nurses from Clicks in Campus Square in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. My child had fits whilst we were shopping at Ackermans next to Clicks. When one of the ladies working at Ackermans ran for help to Clicks, she was told they don't help someone from outside. Can someone die whereas there are nurses around? This is really so disappointing. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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