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Dent Doctor


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  • 191 BraamFischer Drive, Randburg,Gauteng,South Africa
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Crappiest service ever. Took my car there sometime ago, for a small fix. It took them longer than it was supposed to. I went there 18 days after dropping the car, and its was still in their dump. Kept on fighting until the fixed it, after 35 days.Finally i thought i`m gonna stop fighting, get my car and leave the place, they bring it with some white marks on it. Looked like they were spraying white car around mine. And the guys claimed I brought my car like that, then I got crazy. They useless admin guys asked one of his workers to clean it up, guess he was using sunpaper to remove the marks. Crappy experience ever. NOT RECOMMENDED. If you love your car, watch out. Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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