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One of the worst experience in my life. My car killed clutch, took it to Ford Rusternburg morning. Lady called me confirmed they received a car and it will be ready by Thursday or Friday. I said super since I only needed a car on Saturday Morning. Friday morning I gave her a call to confirm I`ll be there Saturday morning. She told me a my car will only be ready on following Monday, reason: There are some cars before my car and they had to focus on them. After outlining my frustrations and crap the service is, she slammed the phone and said "I`ll call you back". She called back and said I must come following day for pick up. Got there picked the car. Fixed but not washed. Question I asked my self is, Did they do a good Job? or they fixed the car in 2 hours? No idea till today. One reason I`m not buying FORD again Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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