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Matrix Warehouse

Maponya Mall

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On November 22/23 2913 I purchase a play station 3 game for my son as it was his Birthday. We tested the game at home it froze. I took it back to the store on 01 december 2013 and requested that they exchange it with a copy that works. I was then told that they do not exchange games, which is not stated on the till slips. I then asked what I am supposed to do with a game that does not work and the sales consultant told me that the person that sold me the game should have read me the terms and conditions which was not done at the point of sale. The consultant that assisted me at that stage then called procurement and just told me that they said that I should have called back immediately when I detected that the game was faulty. How am I supposed to follow all of these guidelines if I was not advised on them I wanted to know. I left the game at the store and was told that procurement will call me the following day. I was called 4 days after that from the same consultant that assisted me on 01 December 2013 and he told me to expect an email from procurement, which up to date has not happened. I logged a hello peter complaint as a plea to have this issue resolved, but the only response I received was that I should take the game back to the store. If they were serious about resolving the issue, they would have known that the game was left at the store. I advised on this on Facebook and have had no response on that either. I am now so fed up I intend on escalation the matter further as they have my money so why would they care in if this get resolved or not. I definitely will no shop at any matrix in the future. Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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