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Shisa Nyama


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Good vibe on a weekend. More like bringing Kasi to the surburb simply because we are not used to this kinda spots binnekant the cities, but what can you say, we love them. ! You dont braai the meat yourself, you pay for your order, they braai for you and they bring your food once its ready. I find sunday a good day to go there, good house music, sometime DJs play good deep music. Free entrance, good security @ the gate, you are not allowed to bring booze after 3 (Not sure , just rumour) . So check it out, its HOT Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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One of the best spot in Jozi. Check it out every sunday. Can bring your own bottle or cooler box before 3pm Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • Duzel
  • Points : 88
  • Reviews: 16
  • 01 Jan 0001
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What a super doper place 2 b @,chilling with ur friends listening 2 gud music.Lyk the fact that security is awesome, u feel at ease no worries just enjoying urself wayawaya, no wrong, no flop go monate da.The vide, environment itself is out of this world, more that HoTTTT!!! GO there and have time of ur life with ur friends. NO REGRETS!!!! Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • honeym21
  • Points : 61
  • Reviews: 10
  • 01 Jan 0001
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Excellent place to be on sunday to chill out .Indeed you can bring your own beers before 12 then after twelve you had to order from the bar .Excellent talented house Dj's famous and good ones.Ladies in summer .....fabulous ....U might bump to the famous from S.A limelight. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • Zazo
  • Points : 34
  • Reviews: 6
  • 01 Jan 0001
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