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Ko Spotong-Gandhi square

One of the best chill place in the Heart of Jozi. Situated in Ghandhi square, lots of pools and good house music on fridays and saturdays.

Nandos-90 degrees

Nothing special about this Nandos but service is great. To avoid a long queue, i normally place an order via telephone and it's always ready when i drop. Now that's Ayoba

News Cafe-Woodmead

Think its of best spot in Jozi. Its all alone there, spacious and they play good music on thursday's and friday's. After a long office day, its one of the best places to be in Jozi, and sip your HEINEKEN of course :)

Global Wrapps-Sandton City

Nice healthy wraps.Good replacement for greazy burgers. If you wonna have a quick lunch, you in the hurry etc. Global wraps a place to be.

Cappello-State Theatre

It is one of the best cappellos around. Right spot, chilled with enough welcoming staff. Pity i didn't stay for long, just had coffee cos i was in the rush. I`ll def go back.


I've done coupla spurs. But this one is the best so far. Lean Ribs + Buffallo wings + creamed spinach + pumpkin. NICE. Service = Average..

Rodizio-Leaping Frog Shopping Centre

Went for dinner yesterday and the place was WOW. Neva had so much meat in my life. Unfortunately I went with my colleagues so i didnt feel the cost :) . But from what i heard, you have to pay certain amount , and you eat till you drop.Let me say this again, you eat till you drop. There is a robot kinda thing, Red for stop obviously, and green for ... go, or bring the food. The waiters will come to your table with different kinds of meat (pork, ribs (not chicken ribs hey :), lamb and chiken), they neva stop till your robot kinda thing is red. Personally I enjoyed the spinach and butternut, and the steak, so, check it out !!!,

Mikes kitchen -Port Elizabeth

I always skipped mikes kitchen, this time my girlfriend suggested we check it out. Dropped there excited to see pap and wors on the menu. That was my choice of the day. She went for chicken with barbaque sauce. All bad, order came in 5 minutes. I swear that. Chicken was so dry looks like it was prepared that morning had to return it. Sausage so thin, wud stick to any chisanyama. Pap has cheese layer. PAP with cheese????? Not ayoba


Good vibe, good food and good service. Check it out, you will never regret

Lucky Bean

Was galavanting around the populat 7th street in melville and decided to go to Lucky bean for something to chao. Nice place to chill and relax. Food not wow, just average. Check it out

Virgin Active-Morningside

Weights section is too small compared to Sandton Helen Road Virgin Active . I think its only good for doing cardio.

Oriental Plaza

One place where the only known or branded business are coupla banks, milky lane and 2 more. Other than that you can plenty shops selling good staff which includes: curtains, kitchen staff, beddings, blankets, wedding suits and dresses, and more. Anything good for your house you can from oriental plaza. Wasn't interested on that though, all I wanted was good jeans and sneakers. But crossed some shops sellling good shirts and suits, QUALITY STAFF, we talking Viyella, POLO, Paul Smith etc.Then I found several shops, cant remember the names though simply because its not your macdonalds and Markhams kinda shops. Next time I`ll get shop names and post em on ayoba 4 sure. Adawise, got my self 2 Guess Jeans, R500 each. On my way back to the car, saw 2 bought to nice ties, R35 each, imagine that !!!! almost bought the 6 of them cos they are so cheap its unbelievable. Then I got samoosa's :) nice. Its worth checking out. ayobaness

rhapsody-Park View Centre

First time @ rhapsody, decided to have a lamb shank.. Bad bad move. Looked and tasted like they just took out the shank, put in salty boiling water, gooied tomato gravy on top of it and brought it to the table with mash that can feed the whole community. Must say, creamed spinach and pumpkin was the only best on my table #NotAyoba

Liquid Blue

Now if you wonna have fun and get drunk in a nice space check this place out. Shooters and cocktails galore. I dont wonna<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space:pre"> </span>metion the names cos they very naughty. You still get your savanna, heineken and the norm beers.My experience is AYOBA cos i dont fuss much about other things but its worth mentioning. Music was crap. Songs were cool but then you dont play house tune, then RNB, then HIP Hop, back to house track, then RNB, i mean PLSSSSS!!! If you trying to accomodate, play house for 30 minutes, Hip hop 30 minutes etc. Just my opinion.

Nandos-Sapura Mall

You will never go wrong with Nandos. Good meat and good service

The Woods Paintball

Rocked up the woods the other day with my friends, gals and boyz. First experience in this paint ball game but it was fun. Reminded me when I was still a young boy, trying to be your Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Sosnega (Dont be suprised, that what i used to call him before i knew how to read, not that i can spell his surname now LOL, mara wa nthola mos). Anyway super experience, the field is good and spacious. Cost is reasonable, you rent gun, buy bullets, give you staff to wear cos u gonna get dirty, and then you SHOOOOOT the hell outa people. Def Ayoba for team bulding or going out with your good friends. After that you gonna need a cold HEINEKEN im telling ya. Or BELLS :)

Blue Room-Hatfield

New club in town. So far so good. I like the fact that they bring in big Mzanzi. Black Cofee, Lulo Cafe, DJ Mahoota vs Vetkuk, Kelly Khumalo etc.. Check it out

Ex Cellular

You guys are awesome. Ordered a blackberry at a very cheap price on friday. Boom phone was delivered on monday in Sandton. Now that's AYOBA

Nelson Mandela Square

One of the best spot in Sandton with some of the best restaurants in johannessburg

Mangwanani-River Valley

One of the greatest moments eva! Well, I`m hood like that. I used to say "Spa whaaaaa??. who me, SPA, come-on this is gals staff". Until I went to Mangwanani. Not that i decided one day I`m gonna do spa, of course I`m hood like that but then you can say i had no choice. My womans birthday, decided to do something good for her. Spa was an option, but then I couldn't let her spend the whole day daarso on her own. And then I decided to go with her. Rule Number 1, no man will touch me, and no man is touching my woman. Rule passed, no man doing the touching business only women (Hood like that :)). But then it was the nice relaxing moment ever. No phone call, no driving, no stress. Just sit there and everything falls into place. Did I mentioned they've got a open bar ????? Hell yeah. Yoh, getting tipsy in the massage process, now that AYOBA. Lunch was good, as my tipsy level got a bit high, it was just out of this world. If i go on and on, I wont finish. But then my hood attitude is gone, I`m def going back there. Ayobalicious business.

Table Mountain

One of the best sights in south Africa. Great view of the city from the mountain, and great view of the sea from the other side. Worth every cent

Blue Room-Hatfield

At this point, u can call it the new kid in the block. Definitely giving places like cofi a tough competition. New vibey setup, good music. check it out

Menlyn Park

I think it's one of the greatest shopping mall in SA. Good number of shops to choose from, and great restaurants

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