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Fluid-Core Technologies

If you are looking for someone to design and create a website for your business, these are NOT the people to go to and you will probably discover that when you need after sales service and have already paid them... They are not interested... they will basically tell you to F### off because the job is already done... so, for your own good STAY AWAY!!!! Very Disappointing.

Y-FM 99.2

I must agree with you guys, YFM is just HOT!!! I love the Dj Sbu breakfast show because he inspires a lot of people, including me. He encourages people to go after what they want and I have to love him for that!

Fish Diner-Bryanston

Wow... Oh my God...I have never had tastier fish in my life!!! so fresh and juicy.. yummy, yummy, yummy!The service was unbelievable!!! Chris, the manager was so so good to us.. and everyone else... what a nice guy...This place is a must go.. I can't wait to go back there!

Somabula Nature Reserve

Somabula is a beautiful Nature Reserve, Situated in Cullinan. The place is awesome!!!! Very affordable and the staff is very friendly... For a quiet weekend away, you can rent a beautiful Chalet, in the middle of the wild, surrounded by beautiful trees and animals. lots activities, game drives, horse riding and mountain biking...or you can just go there and simply do nothing... just relax and appreciate the beauty of nature

The Meat Co-Melrose Arch

Place is elegant, environment very comfortable, waiters well trained and very friendly.The steak is MOUTH WATERING AND GIGANTIC, couldn't get half way through it but kept the rest for supper, there was no way I was gonna leave it there. Yum.

Doppio Zero-Rosebank

Doppio Rosebank was lovely on a Saturday night. Place was packed and my friend and I were lucky to get a table without booking. Waitress was friendly and warm. The chicken salad was very tasty...Only problem was a very bad smell that was coming from somewhere nearby, I think it only got you if you were sitting outside.. could be from the construction currently going on there.Besides that, was overall a pleasant experience!

Busy Corner/Thembisa

Wow, this place is super awesome, I love it...Sunday afternoon is rocking there, all you need are a few bottles of Moet and good company and nothing else matters.. AYOBA!!!!!

Fusion Boutique Hotel-Polokwane

Phindy was right, this hotel is really really cool. Whoever did the interior design did a very good job, in fact, the did an excellent job. We ate at the Saskia restaurant inside the wine cellar.. one problem...the food was really disappointing for me, esp. the cheese cake.The overall experience was pleasant though...If you are in Polokwane and need a place to sleep, I would recommend this 5 star hotel..


This website is def. Ayoba.. I am sharing this experience from cell phone! I love it!

Sophia Town Bar Lounge

Had my lunch meeting at Sophia Town Bar Lounge. The Kofifi salad with spicy chicken strips is simply delicious. The place embraces cultural diversity and the spirit of Ubuntu. I find it very laid back, smooth and original.

Ogalito-Benmore Gardens

Hi guys.... Dinner at Ogalitos Benmore Gardens was very pleasant, waiters are well trained, friendly and informed... I can really give them a 10 for service excellence, the place is beautiful and the food is very tasty... big portions. Ogalitos Benmore gardens is def. not a bad idea.

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