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Vodacom 4U-Southgate Mall

June/July went to Southgate Vodacom4u in order for them to send my phone for repairs manager allocated me to a consultant advise he will assist I am on contract and still bladdy paying insurance on something I do not have for the past 5months service is pathetic ,the consultant who assisted me took my phone wrapped it in paper took my id and said they will contact us with feedback ,I requested a reference He advised there isn’t any will contact me I was there with my husband now I’ve done follow ups none of the consultants could assist always advise I need to speak to the manager apparently this manager is always off on weekends when 99.9% of your customers are off she’s -at home I had to take time off from work to get there 24/11/2017 got there she took down my details said she will call me for a follow up advised I should come show them who assisted me however I could not come through again same day thereafter said I should bring my box so that they can trace the phone took off on the 04/12/2017 again took the box what a surprise she can’t trace my phone at any of the repair stations and said she will call me back to follow before business end and nothing new no call no service delivery no nothing clearly my phone is laying somewhere or has been sold I don’t know don’t car Vodacom must replace my phone asap if I do not get any feedback by this week I am taking this further, I am disappointed at the service I've received from Vodacom this year

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