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Vodacom 4U-Southgate Mall

I am very disappointed with the service I’ve received from Vodacom I took my phone to Vodacom4u at standard bank in order for them to put a insurance claim as my phone fell Lcd and screen cracked I approximately went the on the 07/05/2017 however I was on maternity leave however received a call from consultant advising I should bring R200 for them to send the phone however didn’t get the time to go immediately a few weeks later technician called by the name Gerard saying there is no claim sent through so he is unable to fix the device I need to visit the branch and request them to send a claim in order for him to fix the phone I’ve gone to the branch on a weekend with my husband, consultant advised no I need to come during the week to speak to the manager as she will be available during the week anyway I’m back to work had to take my time off from work to speak to the manager Madeleine Alexander I’ve been on the 24/11/2017 advised she will look into the case and advise us further took down my details, during the same day in the afternoon she advised that I come through and recognise the consultant that was assisting me at the time advised I’m busy won’t be able to come then another consultant called me later that day advising if I’ve got my contract details or my phone box advised yes and requested that I bring it as well ,took the box to the centre the Sunday03/12/2017 consultant does not know anything advised she will take down my details and manager will give me a call being frustrated and pushed around I took off on Monday 04/11/2017 gave madeleine my box and she called all technical stations advised no one can fine my phone she will speak to a guy she knows that will only come in at 12;30 the afternoon and she will give me a call wai5ted for her call no follow up or anything when I spoke to her I advised I am on contract and I’m paying for a cell phone I do not have I am paying for service that is not being rendered and to her that meant nothing Sunday10/11/2017 I went to the branch again as the consultant that assisted me on that date was there by luck Thomson Hammurabi spoke to him advised he does not know of anything his manager never spoke to him and he never took the phone advised him the day I came in to the store I spoke to him and he wrapped my phone in a paper and advise they will give me a call with any updates me and my husband had asked if there is no reference for us to follow up dodgy as it sounded he advised no they will contact me,8months later I am paying for a phone I do not have as well as insurance ,the manager advised me Sunday 03/12/2017 that I need to go back on my cell phone to trace the number that called me from the repairs1SHOULD I BE DOING HER WORK? How many calls and phone have I changed is that not supposed to be her job careless she is not concerned and hasn’t given me any service or comfort she advised she cant do anything about this what a pathetic manager she is and deliver pathetic and disgusting work just as her fellow consultants in her dept. at Vodacom 4u Southgate

Vodacom 4U-Southgate Mall

June/July went to Southgate Vodacom4u in order for them to send my phone for repairs manager allocated me to a consultant advise he will assist I am on contract and still bladdy paying insurance on something I do not have for the past 5months service is pathetic ,the consultant who assisted me took my phone wrapped it in paper took my id and said they will contact us with feedback ,I requested a reference He advised there isn’t any will contact me I was there with my husband now I’ve done follow ups none of the consultants could assist always advise I need to speak to the manager apparently this manager is always off on weekends when 99.9% of your customers are off she’s -at home I had to take time off from work to get there 24/11/2017 got there she took down my details said she will call me for a follow up advised I should come show them who assisted me however I could not come through again same day thereafter said I should bring my box so that they can trace the phone took off on the 04/12/2017 again took the box what a surprise she can’t trace my phone at any of the repair stations and said she will call me back to follow before business end and nothing new no call no service delivery no nothing clearly my phone is laying somewhere or has been sold I don’t know don’t car Vodacom must replace my phone asap if I do not get any feedback by this week I am taking this further, I am disappointed at the service I've received from Vodacom this year

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