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Gateway Mall

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VODACOM sent me to customer care at Umthlanga to book my iPhone in to have it checked out for overheating.I was informed that i would be given a replacement iPhone for the duration because of my package (RED VIP, which means absolutely nothing) and because its a business phone. At 9:00 15/09/2015 AFTER booking my phone in at counter 12 i was told that the manager said that they don't have replacement phones, asked how long it would take he said that if its only the battery it would take up to two days @R500.00 but if they have to reload the soft ware could be longer. i Pleaded for it to be done same day, the manager said it would be done by 12:00. At 12:00 i called to check if the phone was repaid, they said that i hadn't accepted the quote yet. i told them that no one called me to inform me of the quote. I asked what was the cost and what was wrong and she said that the battery needed replacement and Price was R1102.00 (after been told that its R500 in the morning) I said fine go ahead - they replied that the manager insists on payment before repairing while the Job Receipt says clearly that its on collection. This left me to go back to Gateway for a 3rd time from Ballito just to go and pay. After paying at 13:07 and explaining that the manager MALCOM GOUNDEN said it would be ready by 12:00 i was told that all the technicians were out for the day and i would be notified the following day when to collect. The fact the my business suffers is not concern to VODACOM. Unable to find the young lady to be reasonable and been made aware that I was just a number in their scheme of business i left. At 14:49 i returned to collect my iPhone and get my refund back. I told the lady at collections that their complete mistreatment towards my wife and i as well as the little respect and inconsideration shown towards my business forced me to find another place in Gateway that could fix my phone in an hour. She then went to the back to collect my phone and came back saying that they could have it repaid in a hour for me. I she i would rather now complain that put up with more lies!! Two VODASHOPS suggested to me to go to iFix nead GAME. Wow, amazing service - they promised me 1 hour and called me back after 20mins. They treated me as well as a foreign lady that also need assistance as if we were their most valuable customers... and all i paid was R500.00 to have the battery changed. Thanks iFix - Shannon and Giselle Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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  • 01 Jan 0001
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