Business Owners in AyobaDotCom


  • Free Marketing!
  • Free business account with a very good package.
  • Get in contact with your customers.
  • Track number of people visiting your business page.
  • Opportunity to get new clients. If you give them good service, they will vote you up, otherwise they will vote you down and you won't be on AyobaDotCom top businesses.
  • In summary, AyobaDotCom brings your business close people around south africa, and those who are visiting south africa.
Accounts and pricing

1) Bronze account (Available and FREE)

This account offers you more than enough, for FREE of course. Yeah sounds crazy, No Catch, just enjoy web precense for free. The account includes the following ?
  • Your business name and branch (If applicable)
  • Your contact details
  • Locating your business in a MAP with the correct GPS co-ordinates
  • Uploading 1 picture of your business at any time
  • Adding and updating your business profile
  • If your business is already in AyobaDotCom, you mail claim it and have your specialized business account
  • Track number of people visiting your business page

2) Silver account (There will be suscription for this account)

This account is not available at the moment, it is currently under development. This account gives you a dashborad that will enable you to:
  • Communicate with your customers
  • List your official website
  • Manage the pictures appearing on your business page (Maximum of 5 pages)
  • List your monthly specials
  • Notify your fans of available specials and events
  • Receive notifications in every business update
Claiming your business

If your business is already in AyobaDotCom, you have an opportunity to claim it. You have to go into your business page and click "claim ownership" button. .You will have to fill in your business profile, Full name and contact details, and all necessary details. AyobaDotCom administration will perform necessary measures to authorise your claim. Once you are authenticated, business will be assigned to you and you will be able to explore the benefits of AyobaDotCom for FREE.

Adding your business

If your business is not in AyobaDotCom, you may add it, as long as it falls within appropriate AyobaDotCom categories. If your business falls under a category that does not exist on AyobaDotCom, you may send a mail to together with your motivation.

Advertising in AyobaDotCom

Coming soon !
Advertising on AyobaDotCom will display your brand in banners, mini banners and sponsored links. You will also be able to advertise on our weekly newsletter

Contact us

You may contact us on for more information.

Positive and Negative Experiences
It is important to outline that Ayobians will review your business according to their personal experiences. As AyobaDotCom's term and conditions states, AyobaDotCom is not responsible for information posted by ayobians, however, it is important as a business to address those problems, which will gain you more customers next time. As a business, you should be happy that you know about the problems, other that when people gossip and spread bad experience at business. Also remember that every experience is someone's personal opinion, therefore it is up to the business to ignore ayobian's experiences, or handle them.

NB : Negative experiences helps you to improve your services. Improving services will get you more clients and retain existing ones. Once your business subscribed to Silver account, you will be able to respond to customer experiences.