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I bought a walking ring in January 2020 my baby used it 3 months and its already broke wheels have cracked off seat is torn its terrible ...not sure if you need to buy one every 3...Good experience! now that's Ayoba

Jet-Cresta Mall
  • SHANDRE on 01 Jan 0001
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Children under the age of 5 years were sitting amongst drunk adults, as concerned adults we started asking kids as to why are children of that age sitting in such an environment, p...Bad experience! Not Ayoba

Tarven restuarant -Maponya mall
  • Kea_15 on 01 Jan 0001
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Nola was busy chatting with the cashier and when we tried to stop she back chats with attitudeBad experience! Not Ayoba

KFC (& Drive Thru)-Liberty Promenade Mall