Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AyobaDotCom

    AyobaDotCom is a social site that allows you to share your experience about the places you discover, or the great service you receive. Use AyobaDotCom to check out the top businesses in different categories reviewed by real Ayobians.

  • What are Ayobs.

    Ayobs are number of points/votes that a business or ayobian earned. Businesses earn ayobs as people vote for them. Ayobians earn ayobs as they vote, share their experiences, comment etc
  • What are Ayobians.

    An open minded free thinking motivated individual who is proactive in seeking out new experiences in their beloved city. More simply, a registered user.
  • Can we add bad experiences?

    Yes you can. But you can only add bad experiences on businesses that exists on AyobaDotCom.
  • Does AyobaDotCom delete user experiences?

    If user experience contains harmful content, and has been reported by other users, Administrators will delete an experience and notify the ayobian of unacceptable behaviour and not following the Terms of use defined by AyobaDotCom.
  • What does AyobaDotCom do with my personal information?

    Only thing that is publicly exposed on AyobaDotCom is your username and Picture. Anything else is kept secret to AyobaDotCom. Email is used for communications and necessary updates. Network information or your address, gender and occupation is stored to ensure that we suggest places of your interest whenever it’s necessary. AyobaDotCom needs your age, which is also secret to the AyobaDotCom team, to suggest places loved by people in the same age group as you.
  • What kind of business should I add?

    Anything you can think of and falls under AyobaDotCom categories. Restaurants, grocery shops, mediacal institutions, butcheries, beer places , even the smallest hot spot you can think of. Suggested categories are on the top menu of AyobaDotCom, if there is any important category that we missed, please send us category details and your motivation on Example can be :
    • Car wash at some corner in the township or at some garage where you like washing your car.
    • Salon where you like doing your hair
    • Butchery where you like buying meat, shop where you buy your babies stuff, grocery or shoes
  • What makes a good experience.

    Any experience is good. It is important to provide a very honest and personal experience about a business. It is also important to include certain description about a business. Example - best time to go there, price scale, good for kids etc.

    Share your experience as if you are telling your friend. Example would be when your friend asks: “Hey, how was your weekend ?“.
    • Then you say “Cool, I went to a night club called Tokyo Sky in Fourways, it was damn good. We paid R40 to get in, drinks are also reasonable. Music was pumping and man !!! I had fun, you must check it out sometime”
    • Or “Saturday I went to Mandela square at the butcher, I must say the meat is good there. I had steak with mash potatoes and ….”
    • Or “Shu chomza (Ohh my friend), I went shopping, my man says shopping is not a sport but I think they should include it in the Olympics games . Well I went to San Marina at sandton city, got myself 3 pairs of shoes for about R1000, definitely worth it, you should have seen my smile when I left the shop ”

    Now, that’s the experiences we are talking about. Instead of sharing with your friends only, AyobaDotCom gives you a platform to share your experience a wide range of categories.
  • How do i change my account information?

    After logging, the side bar will have “edit my profile” link. Click it and explore all the tabs to change your profile information.
  • How do I put a picture in my profile?

    After logging, at side bar, click -> “edit my profile” link. On the next page click “Profile Picture” tab. On the tab, Click “Choose file” button. There will be a popup to navigate to the picture that you would like to select. After selecting the picture of your choice, click “Upload” button. Refresh will take you back to the general tab, select profile picture again and move the frame on the picture to the position of your choice, which will be you avatar throughout the site.
  • Will AyobaDotCom remove bad experiences if the business pays?

    Definitely not. AyobaDotCom administrator will only remove experience with harmful and abusive content. Bad experiences will help business owners to improve their services for their future clients and definitely retain existing clients.
  • How many times can I vote for a business ?

    Only ayobians are allowed to vote, and they can only vote once for the business.