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Busy Corner/Thembisa

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Finally went to busy corneryesterday, Known as Imbizo. The place is spacious and ayoba. Although it gets packed, access to buy our drinks and food is 100s. There's also guys who can braai the meat for you, so you can just relax and enjoy ur drinks and good music while they busy preparing ur meat. Its indeed, a busy corner. Big up Zazo for adding this business Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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DEFENETLY AYOBANESS>>>> the space, music and company was amazingly happening for me, no drama but SUPER great...Love it!!!! Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • B Teffo
  • Points : 8
  • Reviews: 2
  • 01 Jan 0001
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Wow, this place is super awesome, I love it...Sunday afternoon is rocking there, all you need are a few bottles of Moet and good company and nothing else matters.. AYOBA!!!!! Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • Suenetm
  • Points : 90
  • Reviews: 11
  • 01 Jan 0001
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yazi deh plc it so wonderful.if we were having parking n louge we were gnna hve fun astill morning.#busy coner rocks Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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