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Randburg Square

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Failing to perform a swim swap which requires me to drive 401 km to and from Kimberly. Based in Upington hence there is no shop, once referred to Pep BT they sad they can't . Telkom must STOP selling their products in areas where they don't have Telkom Direct Shops. The consultants are very rude, with different information as if they don't work from the same company. You ask for a supervisor they will never give you , holding for more than an hour for query, Telkom is really BAD Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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i requested a callback several times to buy a product, they call you once you pick up the phone it hangs up.. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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After calling TELKOM 8 !!! TIMES and getting several reference numbers it is not possible for Telkom to give customer service. On the 17.01.2017 I have reported that a telephone pole on our premises is leaning heavily against our electric fence, causing damage and false alarms. Even thought we were told that the matter has been escalated [whereto???? no one knows], and not one person at TELKOM bothered to call or to give feed-back. It is obvious that TELKOM has an "could not care" attitude. Even sending an email has proven of their inefficiency. When asking for a supervisor at one of their call centres they don't seem to know anyone. My only hope now is that anyone at TELKOM is reading the comments made on facebook - but yet have my doubts. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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