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Turn and Tender

Parktown North

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There are more than just a few reason why Turn and Tender gets my vote for one of the best steakhouses in Johannesburg.First and foremost, their steaks are consistently excellent.Secondly, I love the fact that therestaurantspills over onto the vibey pavement, creating a continental,Europeanfeel. A far cry from a lot of South African restaurants which have all flocked to the 'safety' ofJohannesburg'sbright, soulless malls.Thirdly, the service has always been professional and unobtrusive.Definitely a place to return to when that steak craving kicks in! Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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  • 01 Jan 0001
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Sunday afternoon I felt like trying new restaurant and having good steak. I decided to try Turn ‘n Tender in parktown. We had fillet & ribs. Food and experience was 9.5 out of 10. Definitely going back Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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